Digital Service Innovation SP21

I: Startup Idea💡

WorkL!ve fills a Product Opportunity Gap by riding the trend of live streaming. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, this service is complemented by the existing popularity of connection means via the internet and struggles shared by students. However, WorkL!ve’s accessibility will provide value to students even after the pandemic.

II: Opportunity Framing 🖼

Energetic color story and typeface considerations reflect the young school/university-age users.
Interview Synthesis + Raw Interview Responses
Three personas: Bill, Sasha, and Alex
Competitor analysis with a special focus on StudyStream

III: Pivot 🔀 + Customer Insights

Our idea was too similar to existing services like StudyStream, and we were not convinced that relying on augmented reality technology to differentiate our service would be effective if the underlying pain points are not painful enough.

…an online platform that humanizes the experience of connecting students to university organizations to find one’s best fit. We do this through allowing students to easily have 1-on-1 conversations with active members and leaders and allowing student to better visualize the values and activity of organizations in one place.

Separate color story + branding approach for Pipod to reflect energy of student life
Affinity Diagramming exercise to organize interview findings into categories

IV: MVP 1 (D9)

V: MVP 2 (D9.5)

We utilized the retotyping technique to generate our initial screens in response to our findings from customer insights and other research. Above: Screens of different Pipod functions.
Parallel prototyping: Screens of home/landing page
L: Iterations of screens based on pretotyping and parallel prototyping exercise // R: Screens we ended up using in our Pitch presentation
First Iteration of the Pipod concept video

V: MVP 3 (D11)

Screen iterations
Final slide of our pitch: Looking ahead (teasing fleshed out features that go beyond the scope of our MVP but still demonstrate a clear idea of the functions of Pipod)
Updated (more concise) storyboard
Final concept video
Left: MVP Slide // Right: Pitch outline for our “dress rehearsal”

VI: Final Pitch (D12) 👔

Our first 2 slides, focused on delivering strong statistics to set the scene of our problem space
Competitor landscape slide + More info on The Bridge
Customer Insights and how they translate into Pipod features
Revenue Sources (a more focused Value Flow Model)
Final slide:)

VII: Final Thoughts 💭



Carnegie Mellon Design + HCI ‘23

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