Products Mini Fall ‘20

Elysha Tsai
4 min readDec 15, 2020

Overview of Projects

Model Demonstrations

Read on for more detailed descriptions of designed products and sketchbook process!

Project 1: Similar But Different


I mostly used rough prototyping to determine the dimensions of the models. Though minimal, I used sketches to explore the form language of the organic form that created ambiguities in the finger placements on the underside of the model.

Project 2: Forms of Interaction


I took reference pictures and sketched out potential interactions to aid in the ideation of the wood and rubber models. My models explored interactions such as sliding, snapping, and pushing. The model I settled on consists of a 2-step interaction: pushing down, and pushing forward with the thumb.

I used a lot more sketching in the side orthographic view of my model for the bulk of the process of creating the foam model (the side view is very descriptive of the interaction and I found a lot of opportunities to integrate my own form language). These sketches combined with a wide variety of foam explorations allowed me to balance the relationship between flat planar surfaces and curves, as well as a figurative/poetic form versus something practical. As I iterated, my form became more “practical,” retaining some “extreme” poetic features.

Project 3: Liquid Vessel

The liquid vessel I designed embodies the adjectives: hard, heavy, and dynamic. The product intends to hold a large volume of water in a household and kitchen setting. The wide spout dispenses water in a flat stream, its destination assumed to have a wider opening, like a pot. Though angular and confident, the vessel has subtle fillets and curves that promote usability in everyday situations.


The fast turnaround for this project encouraged me to rely on sketching to develop the form of the vessel. I started with abstract geometric forms and slowly introduced complexity and curves to these forms. I made 2 models before settling on the final form. The final form is more sensitive to the cohesion of form language as well as embodying the 3 adjectives.